Wednesday, 16 January 2008


Six juicy new photos: Derelict @ flickr


philis said...

nice pictures mate,wish the one i took of jack came out yours looks mint. Did you intend to shoot at such a high iso? The little table on you blog, is it just a bit of html, or a plugin? looks good.

cheers for the link too.


jump_leads said...

It was an accident when I was on the roof with the shot over Nottingham and the shot of Adam. Other than that the rest are shot as intended. I had noticed it was high after coming down from the roof but turned it up with that shot of me in the doorway and decided to keep it that way. Those ones turned out the best. The noise in the first and last photos actually shows up more after editing. =P There's nothing really 'wrong' with noise and in this enviroment it can enhance the look.

The table is just a cropped screenshot of the flickr set page.